Saturday, June 29, 2013

Voy a la Bella Del Sol

Dearest Familia,

I thought you should know that this past Tuesday, Sister Young and I got a phone call from President Weaver. He wanted to speak with us in person, and he was getting off the freeway at that very moment! We met with him in uptown in the library parking lot. And do you know what he told me, Tuesday afternoon? My visa came through. Actually, it came through a day after Elder Higginson's and Decker's came through, and before he saw me on my birthday--but he couldn't bear to tell me then because Sister Dean's did not come through. She will be the only one of our original four-some of Visa waiters left behind--isn't that tragic? I was most concerned about her at first because I, quite frankly, wouldn't have minded switching places. I'm lovin' the WA-TAC! But President said it doesn't work that way, and I'll be on my way. I called sister dean last night, and she's doing well with the news. President Weaver told her for sure that she'll be on her way to Argentina next transfer, without a doubt.

Am I excited? Yes. Am I terrified? Yes. I can't believe that in three short Days I'll be on my way to la bella del sol. I report to the mission office at 8 am, this Monday. I'll be flying to Atlanta by noon, and then have a layover there before flying into Buenos Aires. Voy a Argentina! Increible!

 Sister Young is quite bummed I'm leaving, and I'm sad to leave her and beloved Wollochet too. We are hoping she gets a real hard working companion to keep up the wild pace we've been running at!

I love you, my sweet family. I'll be talking to you Monday Morning from the Airport. I have no idea when my next P-day will be (this P-day was 3 hours on a Friday afternoon, thanks be to President). Until then, I love you!

the Argentina-Bound Hermana Mikayla Boren

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  1. Hi Sister Boren! It's Sofie Kasteler from the wollochet ward. I cannot wait to hear how you are doing in Argentina