Monday, November 25, 2013

Children of a King

Dearest Family,

We are children of a King! I hope you all remember that on the hardest days and on your every days. You are children of King on high! God is our father, and we have the potential and goal of becoming like him. It is not just a good philosophy, good theology, or an optimistic hope. It is a reality I treasure.

Something you should know before I forget--you know the boxcars I mentioned? They are not just there for looks. People actually live in them!!!! Boxcar children are real here in CaƱada de Gomez!!! I saw one of the doors open and people sitting down to eat dinner the other night, and I stopped dead in my tracks! I asked a member if it's a restauraunt or kiosko or something, but nope--they are houses!! I told Hermana Martinez we should look into changing our apartment to living in a boxcar, and she just laughed and looked at me like the crazy person I am. I always say little boys never grow up. Sometimes little girls never grow up, too.

This past Tuesday we had the privilege of traveling to Rosario for a Sister's conference, titled "Hijas de Un Rey," or "Daughters of a King." It was for each and every Hermana serving in the Rosario mission. You know what that means . . . drumroll . . . I got to see every single beautiful sister missionary that i love in this mission! I attacked each one with a great big bear hug and didn't let go for the longest time! MTC--Hermana VanWagnen, Hermana Whittaker, Hermana Telfer, From Washington Tacoma and finally here after her Visa waiting was Hermana Dean, and the Sisters I came to love in Venado--Hermanas Guevara, Contreras, Aragon, and Reyes. Seeing Hermana Alicea felt like coming home. She is currently serving in Uraguay. Yup, you heard me, Uruguay. A tiny part of our mission stretches into another country. She is currently whitewashing as well and training a brand new Misionera from Ecuador. I am so proud of her! We're both having transfers full of trials and opposition, but we helped remind each other of one of our favorite themes in an EFY song, "Impossible is not a word." We overcame so many impossible situations in Venado Tuerto together. In the work of the Lord, we can overcome anything. She is like a sister to me and I will forever be thankful for the best friend I have gained on my mission in her!

The conference was balm for the soul. Hermana Alicea, Hermana Whittaker, and I sang a musical number  arrangement of "As Sisters in Zion" with the "We are daughters" harmony, translated into spanish, of Course. We enjoyed inspired counsel from Hermana Giuliani and the Sister Training Leaders about utilizing Music in our teaching, Family History Research and getting recent converts started, Modest Dress, Teaching simply and powerfully like the Savior did, and more. We had a group lunch, it was a lovely set up wtih place mats and centerpieces and everything. The office elders and Assistants to the president dressed up as waiters and served us personally, it was a hoot. We also had a short game where we made dresses made out of Newspaper, it reminded me of one year at girls camp when we made wedding dresses out of toilet paper and such. My favorite part of the conference was the counsel Presidente Giuliani offered to conclude the meeting. He spoke about challenges we sometimes face as missionaries, more specifically with companions. He explained that one of his companions from his missionary days became one of his best friends and a different companion made his life miserable. But he expressed the need to love as the Savior does, and that the hard experiences of our mission are like rain. We need to have a stormy sky now and again in order to have a successful harvest of fruits and grains, etc. We can't always have sunny skies. He explained to keep pressing forward and learn to trust in the Lord. He delivered the message so beautifully yet simply. I am grateful for the comfort of having inspired Priesthood leaders to lead and guide us.

The conference was over too fast, but we set to work the rest of the week, Hermana Martinez and I. Brisa, that sweet, darling little girl of age 9 had her baptismal interview on Saturday. Elder Rodriguez, our district leader, explained that after interviewing her he felt a strong spiritually impression that she is pure and doesn't yet know what sin is. She is at a learning capacity of about a 5 or 6 year old after the birth challenges she had as a premie. Elder Rodriguez explained that she doesn't have the need to be baptized to be cleansed of sin because of her pure state, but that she can still be baptized because of her age if she would like to. We talked with Lorena, Brisa's mother who is a member, and explained the situation. With Brisa's eagerness for baptism, it was decided that she will continue with baptism, but with the condition that Lorena needs to continually remind her daughter as she grows of the covenant she made. We are excited for this beautiful little girl to enter the waters of baptism this Saturday, November 30th.

We are still working with Alfredo, and also wtih a young lady of 14 named Micaela (Mikayla in Spanish). We also enjoyed a fantastic Ward activity involving water baloons and a giant pizza on Saturday. God is good. We keep going, we keep working, we keep loving the Lord. Never forget to cry to him in fervent prayer, like Enos does with pure heart and honest, real intent.

Love, forever and forever and forever,
Hermana Boren

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