Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Face Plant

Dearest Family,

The weeks fly faster and faster here in the Mission Field and at the same moment, so much has happened since I last checked in, that it would take a whole week to tell you about it. Remember that time we went to Disneyland and mom took over 1,000 pictures in one week? I feel like the mission field is that way, EVERY WEEK. And we still recount memories of every trip of Disneyland that we've ever had! You will still be hearing my stories of the mission field decades after I return. And Im sure that in the year and a half I've been gone, you, too, will have stories to tell me for a long time.

I'm sorry you had a hard fall in B'ball this week, Ty. I had a rough tumble this week too. I proved, once again, my inability to walk with grace :) As we were walking home from a lesson with Soledad, Gio, and Stefano I tripped over my own feet and face planted it in the middle of the street. Yep, you betcha, I totally biffed it, and ruing a red light, thank goodness. luckily I escaped wtih only a skinned knee and hurt pride. How embarrassing! This marked my third full-body trip and fall in Argentina, the first being in front of my apartment in Venado Tuerto and the second in the terminal in Rosario. Good times . . .

This week was a lot of door knocking and a lot of searching for NEW investigators and a lot of closed doors and not interested's. But it was nevertheless SO REWARDING. The first miracle came in a letter from my recent convert Darren T. in Gig Harbor and his wife Brandi. They are doing FANTASTIC, Darren is  cub scout leader in the ward and just received the priesthood. He and Brandi are planning a Temple Sealing this year! I couldn't have been more tickled pink for them. And so filled with the Spirit. It is a supernal joy to see people grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love them so much and pray always for their well being.

I also received an incredible pair of letters from Corey Joseph, who told me that he recently finished reading the entire Book of Mormon! I was so delighted to hear that, Corey J! I believe last year in the MTC I issued you and the other boys a challenge to read it ALL before I get home. To Ty, Jordan, and Austin--where are you at in your reading? You've still got 5 months :) Mom and Dad, you can be in on the challenge too! We'll celebrate with something special this September. I know this book is true and living by it's principles has blessed me beyond measure. Keep up the good reading in the best book there ever was!

Favorite moments of the week included a lesson with Soledad and her Kids. We had an object lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which included putting the steps of "Faith" "Repentance" etc. in a latter, using masking tape on the table as a physical representation. After about 20 minutes Giovanni, age 9 couldn't concentrate, and began peeling the tape from the table and sticking it on his face, to the point that only his nose holes and eyes could be seen, underneath a mask of masking tape reading "Fe" "Arrepentimiento" "Bautismo," etc. It was one of those moments of absolute, rolling laughter. I love kids!

Eric is doing great, coming to church faithfully every week. He came to church wearing the red checkered tie we gave him. We will be having a Family night lesson in his home on Saturday to help share the gospel with his mom and younger Sisters.

Our mission currently has a challenge of 500 baptisms for the whole mission before the end of April. To accomplish this immense goal (it's hard to find people to baptize in Argentina!) we have a plan of action given by President Giuliani, inspired by God. We chose a region of our area each day where we will be working, and pray separately in our Companionship for forgiveness from God and then inspiration to choose the correct streets to contact. We write our own, separate lists of 10 to 15 streets where we feel inspired to go, and then compare our lists with the lists of our companions. We end up with 3 to 5 streets in common, and from those streets we pray over again to know which 1 or 2 streets we should contact. The spirit takes a huge role in this process of elimination. When we decide on 1 or two streets, we prayerfully go to that area to contact each house we have time for. And we have seen miracles! Heavenly Father knows where his prepared children are. We have had a lot of miracles finding this week. It reminds me of following the spirit with Sister Young to know where we should knock Doors. We have found 5 new investigators this week in this way. We will be praying to help them be baptized in the month of April!

Preach my Gospel Study: HOPE. "Hope is An abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill his promises to you. TI is Manifest in confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and patient perseverance . . . when you have hope, you work through trials and difficulties with the confidence and assurance that all things will work together for your good." This paragraph shouts "MOM!" to me. Anyone that knows you, Mom, knows that your glass is more than half full, ALL of the time! I know that this HOPE that shines in Christ and the covenants you've made. I was raised by a mother who KNOWS (see Alma 56:47-48). It doesn't matter how many obstacles piles up in your way, you continue with this trust and confidence that "Those are wrinkles in life . . . it's gonna be okay!" Thank you for that constant example, Mom!
"The unfailing source of our hope is that we are Sons and daughters of God and that His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, saved us from Death."
See the Hymn "Press forwards Saints" along with 2 Nephi 31:20
Also see Ether 12:4,32--We need to have Hope to get back home.

Fun fact-- Hope in spanish is ESPERANZA. Beautiful word, huh?

Hermana Boren

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