Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm Getting Old, Rees!

Dearest Family,

I often heard my Grandpa Phil say to my Grandma Reesa, "I'm Getting Old, Rees!" on treasured Sunday Afternoons in their Highland Hours. As the years rolled by I think I heard it more and more often. This week I felt the need to say to someone, "I'm getting old, Rees!" My companion, who has almost the same time as I do in the mission, and I often lament that we're just not as young and sprightly as we once were in the mission. We get sick easier, our backs start to feel achy breaky from a year of carrying scriptures and pamphlets and water bottles to stay hydrated, and feet sore from walking miles and miles every day. Yet we have NEVER been happier in the mission field than we are right now! I think with our steadily tiring bodies, our spirits get ever stronger, and that's the best part. It's worth it. And someday we'll be resurrected anyways, right? One of my favorite scriptures I think of on days when we're really tired is found in Doctrine and Covenants, that we should waste and wear out our lives beating down Satan and his works and bringing our brothers and sisters to the light. Every sacrifice and tiresome day is SO WORTH it when its for this cause.

A couple Argentine things for you to enjoy:

Here they say "Principe Azul," or "Blue Prince" instead of Prince Charming.

A common term of endearment amongst older couples is "Media Naranja," or "Half an Orange." This means basically my half of self, my other half, or like Keith Urban says "My better half." I think It's darling.

"Macenudo." Its a word that means "Superb" and just hearing it makes me smile. Also used amongst people of an older generation. I just love old things!

Here in Argentina, when someone wants to sell a car, they don't go out to buy window paints or make a sign to post saying "For Sale." Nope, nothing like that. They simply fill an old water jug or 2 liter soda bottle with water and put it on top of there car. It's a universal symbol here that means "For Sale."

The weather here is much more liveable now :) The heat wave is finally leaving and we are beginning to enjoy autumn. I am so glad to stop being a sweaty hippopotamus. The tropical trees are changing colors and their leaves are falling, and the days get darker faster. I feel like it should be halloween time but it's only April . . . silly me!

Yesterday was General Conference! And also the 184th Birthday of the Restored Church. Yesterday Morning there was an absolute DOWNPOUR of rain, and because of that the broadcast connection was down. We couldn't listen to or watch conference until 10:30, and even then it was a last resort--they pulled the secretary office computer into the hallway and put the speakers on full blast. It was moving to see 60 plus Argentine latter day saints watch a tiny screen in absolute silence, sitting on folding chairs in a cramped church hallway listening to the words of the living prophets. Every day that passes here I realize more and more how blessed I am and have been my whole life. Never forget to count your blessings!

General Conference was like Christmas for us as missionaries. So much Spiritual enlightenment! Saturday Morning we went tracting in our 500 baptisms prayer sector of the day, and while walking back to the apartment and Evangelical preacher stopped us and began angrily shouting at us, saying that we were respecters of persons, that we didn't help the poor and needy like we should, that we were false prophets and that God would condemn us for our works at judgement day. It was just uncomfortable and kind of sad. Elder Holland's first talk on Saturday could not have had more perfect timing. We sometimes go through ugly experiences to defend what we know. But when we have the Savior on our side, we have no need to fear. All of our Recent Converts made it to conference except Sole and her kids (the twins might be coming this week!) and Humberto our investigator also came. It was an absolute delight to see so many new members--Dora, Rocio, Gabriel, Eric--Listen for the first time to General Conference and gain a testimony of living prophets. Good golly, I love being a missionary!

Preach My Gospel Study--OBEDIENCE. My dear Brothers Austin, Tyler, Jordan, and Corey, if there is anything I have tried to be an example of as the oldest kid in the family, it is Obedience to God and Obedience to our Mother and Father. As it states in page 122 of Preach my Gospel, "Obedience is the first law of heaven. IT is an act of faith. You may sometimes be required to do things you do not completely understand." I want to ear my testimony to you that it truly is the first law of Heaven. Heavenly Father has asked us to believe in him and his Son, and obey his commandments. I promise that happiness in this life comes from obedience to God. It leads us to have all of the other Christlike attributes if we obey with Faith in God and His Promises. "As you obey, you increase in faith, knowledge, wisdom, testimony, protection, and freedom." Obedience makes us free. Remember that when Mom and Dad ask you to do something. Halfway across the world I want to tell you that Mom and Dad know what they're doing! Follow their teachings, follow God's teachings, and you'll be truly happy and truly free.
All of the Scriptures on obedience are fantastic, but Make sure you read 1 Nephi 3:7. God Doesn't ask us to do anything impossible. With him, we can do anything and we can accomplish anything he asks. When we are obedient, we are worthy of his help.

Love you Mom, Dad, Austin, Tyler, Jordan, and Corey! GROUUUUUUUUUP HUG!
Sister Mikayla Boren

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