Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Dear Family,

Such a Joy to see you Yesterday! You are a Gorgeous group of people. GUAPO, Like I told you, Dad. You all look Healthy, Happy, Handsome (beautiful for Mom and Grandma) and Well. I couldn't stop replaying our conversations in my mind after we had to finish our skype call. Hermana Rasband asked me later about the Saloon Doors and the Pitstop . . . I cracked up and couldn't believe our conversation took us to that memory. Oh, it's good to know that while we've grown and changed on both ends of the Hemisphere, we are still family. We'll never stop being fluent in Our love languages and ability to laugh and communicate and enjoy time together. I'm really looking forward to that again :) But I'm not getting too trunky, don't worry! We are working hard and giving our All to the Lord.

When I was a little girl I had a friend in 4th grade named Alexis who had many freckles. She told me once that they were Kisses from the Sun, and then proceeded to tell me that I didn't have any. I remember searching in the mirror one day for freckles, looking between my nose and cheeks to see if maybe the Sun had Kissed me yet. And they never came, and I felt a little bit of envy, wishing for a moment to be something that I wasn't, and wondering why the Sun had kissed other people and why it didn't like me enough to kiss me. As I grew older I had other friends who lamented their freckles and wished to be freed of them. We all lamented gifts or traits that we didn't have and were frustrated with the reality of who we are. I've thought this week about freckles as I have talked with some of the Sisters in the mission who struggle with depression, self confidence, and comparing themselves with others. We all have different talents, traits, and beauties. We must never forget that while the world shouts that we will never, ever, be good enough--there is a God on High that is our Father and sees us for the Beauty of our creation. We are precious in his sight. I am grateful that my time in the mission field has helped me come to a clear understanding of how the Savior sees me as I have carried his name. The other day we were walking down a lamplit sidewalk after a long night of knocking doors and appointments that fell through. I was feeling less than adequate when I felt, out of nowhere, an overwhelming warmth swell in my heart. I felt like I do when I open a letter from Mom from home or when Dad used to put Farside Comics in my lunches and I just knew that he loved me and was thinking about me. In this moment as we returned to our apartment,  I felt as though the Savior was hugging me, Spiritually, and expressing his love for me and the work I am offering to bring God's Children to a knowledge of their redeemer. I felt beautiful, confident, loved, and worth it. I felt comfort that while I am imperfect, the work that I do is consecrated by the Atonement. When I give my all and it isn't enough, it's okay, because He's more than enough. How I wish for all of you to feel that way that I did this past Tuesday, too. You are beloved. You are worth it. You are more than you think you are. Those of you With Freckles are Beautiful, and those of you Without are Beautiful, too.

Much love and More Letters to come next week,
Hermana Boren
Mik :)

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