Monday, August 4, 2014

Kamkwat Trees

Querida Familia,

LOVED the many pictures you sent of your staycation. You made me have quite the craving for some smores. MMMM . . . . Looks like your having some fun in the summer Sun. Give Grandma Nae my love and I hope her knee gets better soon. That countdown chain gave me a reality check and I got real excited. Just know that I love you, and I keep you all in my heart as I continue to teach others about forever families. I am grateful for our family and our efforts to live the family values of the Proclamation and Mosiah 4. Keep working hard and playing hard. I LOVE YOU¡ My prayers too are with grandpa Terry in the hospital.

They have Kamkwat trees in Argentina. Who knew, right?

I have such little time to write today, I hope its not a dissappointing letter. Lots more to come next week, I promise. Sergio and his family are going strong. They bring us such joy, they are the first to come to church and are on their knees praying every night together as a family and before every meal. They are noting the difference in the level of laughter, joy, and ability to perservere through their hardship. We feel so much purpose in Galvez helping their family learn these gospel truths and preparing to make covenants with God.

Hermana Pichy, pronounced PEACHY, has been one of our most loyal sisters to accompany us to lessons. She could be a Harper relative, she just has that sincere, but loud laughing party loving hard working good doing personality. I love her and we are grateful for her support and influence.

We are knocking doors, walking the dirt streets under starlit skies and winter sun and striving to talk with all of God's children that Cross our path. We love Gálvez and feel of God's tender mercy in sending us here.

That's all for now, Im sorry it's a whimpy letter we just have so much to accomplish today. You're in my prayers. God is good. He lives, I know he lives¡

Hermana Mik

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