Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

Hello my beautiful family!

What a joy it was to talk with you on the phone yesterday for Mother's day. It was such a gift to me to hear your voices and feel of your love! I'm glad all is well at home. Anecdotes about mowing the lawn, getting a job at Thanskgiving point (i'm proud of you, bud!), Birthday extraveganzas with a speech bubble cake, knot app updates, weekends with grandparents, cousin misadventures,  movie filming, and the droid noise (JP . . .:) ) were fantastic. I love love love you all with all my heart. Happy Mother's Day, Mom :) amidst all our laughter and talk I don't know If I actually said those words, but I sure meant them! Happy Happy Mother's Day!

All is well in Gig Harbor, Washington. The more I'm on my mission the more I marvel at how many unique and incredible children God has. Though tracting has it's disagreeable downfalls, it definitely contains shining moments on some incredible people's doorsteps. This week I met a fellow named Jim in his 70's. He was a pastor for over 40 years, but didn't belong to a certain sect. He didn't believe in the contention and anger that came from separation of Christian religions. Christ is the big picture for Jim. He has played Santa every Christmas since his hair went white and made dollhouses for his daughters and grandkids. Maybe it's something about the name Jim and playing Santa Claus :) He was so kind to us and talked with us for a good hour at his doorstep. Sister Brown and I were so touched that we bought a Lindt chocolate bar and took it to him a few days later. His bright old eyes beamed and he said with a jolly chuckle, 'you made my day!' Its small moments like that that make me smile :) A quote from Jim: "God's in the business of changing lives." I liked that a lot!

Another fellow we met was Fred--he was out watering his Daughter's garden in a bit of horse country. He was wearing a flappy flannel shirt and had a rough gray beard and shaggy hair, an old pair of working blue jeans. He had the hose in his right hand and a beer bottle in his left, and he offered us the biggest grin when we walked up and asked to share a message about Jesus Christ. He proceeded to listen to our testimonies and in turn offered his own. He expressed that he feels about as close to God as anybody, he just doesn't like the pomp and circumstance of organized religion. He says he feels God all around him, in the trees and in the sky and in the water. He thanked us and said how encouraging it was to meet young people--particularly young ladies--representing Jesus Christ.

Those small moments, meeting Good, Christian people and sharing our love of Christ with them--they are sweet, supernal moments for me.

We have 7 investigators (or people investigating the church of Jesus Christ) at present. Josh, age 10, is now being baptized on May 25th. We are also teaching 13-year-old baseball-playing Ben, Single-mom beautiful Michelle and her 4-year-old Layla, Incredible Catholic Eleanor, Quiet and Kind Craig, Clever and Curious Cheryl, Daring and Compassionate Darren. I am coming to love these good people so much!

Look at the hymn 'Ye elders of Israel.' I love this hymn and its been such a source of solace and inspiration to me as a missionary!

That's all the time I have for today, Family. Know that I love you with all that I am!!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Boren

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