Friday, August 23, 2013

Because I Have Been Given Much

Dearest Family,

Hello there! There comes a line from Finding Nemo, "Watch while Squirt flies solo . . . " Well, this week two squirts (Hermana Alicea and I) flew Solo, and I think we did pretty good! We´re certainly figuring things out as we go, but We´re practicing spanish as much as we can and teaching and preaching and working as missionaries do. The key to success in a mission, I believe, is obedience. Success cannot be measured the same between missions and missionaries the same, or measured by numbers of baptisms. Never. But we are filled with the spirit and doing our very best to obey the rules in the white missionary handbook and teach the best we know how while studying Preach My Gospel, asking for help from the members, and that´s all we can do. The members have really reached out--oh, my goodness! I think they´re worried about the two little yankies who are just starting to learn the language and culture in their country. All the members ask all the time if we have enough food, if they can accompany us to lessons, if we´re safe, if we´re sick and if so do we need anything, etc. It´s the best! We had 22 lessons total in a matter of 6 days and 7 new investigators, with 4 on date for baptism. All is well.

Hermana Alicea is one of the bravest, most incredible people I have ever met. She has a natural humor that transcends languages. This week during contacting she started taking the lead at doors without me prompting her to, and just starts testifying from her heart. "Hola, somos misioneras de la Iglesia de JesuCristo, y estamos compartiendo un mensaje con las familias. Cree en Dios?" Wow. She´s an angel. All the missionaries crack up at her funny faces, and investigators are uplifted by her bold testimony. It certainly isn´t easy for both of us, the blind leading the blind in learning the language. But that´s the only thing holding her back right now. She is obedient, hard working, and spiritually in tune. Yesterday she played the piano for our small branch, and began making her own arrangements as prelude music. 7 or 8 primary children gathered around to watch her fingers fly, in amazement. It was a precious moment. We especially love to sing together--every morning during personal study, we sing 2 or 3 hymns instead of just one. And during language study, we sing 2 or 3 more! (All in Spanish, don´t you worry). I´m always Soprano, and she alto.

We had 2 investigators at church yesterday, and a whole lot of less actives. The best part is that we didn´t accompany either of them. The members in our little branch accompanied them to church. Marcello is doing great, and is reading not only the Book of Mormon, but Gospel Principles, and the Lorenzo Snow Manual. WOW! We´re teaching several others and it is so rewarding to be able to testify of the things I know to be true with all my heart. There is a God. He loves us. He has a plan far greater for us than anything we can imagine. Keeping the commandments brings happiness. How I love this gospel.

More to come next week, my time is short. Know that God is real, he loves us, he answers our prayers.
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Boren

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