Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Impossible

My dear family,
Thank you so much for your beautiful email. My goodness, I love to hear about home and see the pictures of mirror lake. What a wonderful tradition. That campsite is sacred ground to me. The family is ordained of God, and I know our family has grown so close and shared so many experiences together in that beautiful piece of Heaven.

My title today explains this past week, and my life to come in the next 7. Let me preface my email with the thought that With God, nothing shall be made impossible. I know that to be true. I know that with him, we call do all things (just see philippians).

This past week has been one filled with miracle lessons. Our investigators are progressing, especially Carolina Sosa. We had a marvelous lesson with her Tuesday about the priesthood, the power of God. She was overcome with emotion as we talk about this sacred truth. She offered the most beautiful prayer, offered as a sincere conversation filled with ´buenos´y ´nada mas, padre.´It was beautiful to see her begin to talk to God. She has been reading the book of Mormon consistently and is coming to church this Sunday. I adore her!

Jessica and Isabel, Javier, Marcello, and so many others have been finding and teaching miracles this week.

The most important thing I have to tell you in my limited time, is that I received a phonecall from Elder Yarro, assisant to the president, this past Thursday morning. He informed me that that day, 6 sisters from the United States would be flying into our mission. For the next 10 days til the end of the transfer, I would be in a trio with one of these new sisters and Hermana Ferraez. And thereafter, I would be training this same sister for the coming transfer.

Feelings overwhelmed my heart upon this news. I Have only been in this mission for a month, and in teh field for 5! Trainer, already? Training in Argentina is different, because near every missionary that comes here has already been serving in another mission while waiting for a visa. It{s not the same as training right off the bat, but there's much to adjust to as far as the culture goes. Anyways, with this news, I immediately said a prayer. Hermana Ferraez just smiled and gave me the biggest hug and smile. She told me she saw this coming, and that I would be fine.

The next day, we had to drop all our plans. We got up at 4 am, got ready for the day, and took a taxi to the terminal. From there, we took the bus to Rosario, about 3 hours. And from the terminal we took another bus through Rosario, hopped off at a street corner with a verduleria (vegetable market), and walked to the mission home. My heart was filled with so many thoughts, daydreams, as I looked into the clear blue Rosario sky, with the cobblestone streets and the victorian homes slathered in ivy.

Upon entering the gates of the tall, brown brick yard of the mission home, I was greeted by the sound of three voices shouting "Hermana Boren!" To my surprise and delight, I was slammed with the tightest group hug of my life. From the mission office, behind the mission home, came flying Hermana Alicea, Hermana Telfer, and Hermana VanWagnen--my sweet friends from my district in the MTC. 3 of the 6 sisters. I felt, in that moment, that I was surely to be companions again with one of them. It was one of the tenderest moments of my mission thus far.

Hermana Ferraez and I were asked to enter the mission home for a brief meeting. Guess who they asked to play the pump organ for the opening song, Count your many blessings? You guessed it, me.  I have never played organ in my life, let alone pump organ! But with God, nothing is impossible. I confidently walked to the front of the mission home parlor and set to work pumping my feet on the pedals, and doing my best to connect the notes so they don't sound choppy while the rest sang in spanish. It was a blast!

After a brief training, we were asked to go to the mission garage to greet our new companions. I felt such anticipation as they announced whom would be training whom. They called my name to the front of the room, and the name they called next . . . Hermana Alicea! My companion from the MTC! WOW! I couldn't believe it, I gave her the tightest squeeze and we both laughed in cries of delight and surprise.

Come to find out later, President Giuliani told me later he had no idea that she'd been my companion in the MTC. He didn't know this, either, when he called me to be a trainer.

Later, many of the missionaries that work int he office--Assistants to the Preisident, Financial missionaries, etc. Kept asking me, Werent you here just last transfer? Wait, you've only been in the field a month!' I just smiled, what do you say to that? President called me to do this. I'm not going to say no.

Hermana Alicea served in the Kirtland, Ohio mission, English speaking, for 4 months after our time in the MTC. I spoke only english (except at Blue Agave Restaurant and to random gardners) in Washington, and have but a month here. We are two rubias in Venado Tuerto, learning Castillano along our proselyting, missionary teaching way. In all honesty, to everyone here--the other missioaries, ward members, etc.--this has never been done before. Am I a little nervous? I'd be lying to say no. But instead of shying away, I take confidence in my God. He has brought me this far on my mission, through things I didn't think I could do. Instead, I'm facing this new challenge ahead with a broad smile and the words of Kuzco in Emperor's new groove--'Sharp rocks at the bottom? Bring it on.' Heavenly Father calls the weak to do his work, and makes it possible with his hand and help. I am so grateful at this moment to have Hermana Ferraez these first 10 days, teaching me to take the lead in lessons and learn the streets of Argentina. In the same moment, I know I couldn't do this without anyone besides Hermana Alicea. She is my sister in zion, and I am delighted beyond words to be reunited with her!

I love you all. God is good. His miracles are all around us, all we must do is be obedient, and give him a good thank you in our prayers every night. He loves us. HE loved us enough to send his only begotten son to atone and die and rise again, that we may have life eternal! How beautiful a truth.

Remember that with God, nothing shall be impossible. I love you! Stay firm in the faith!

Hermana Boren
Mickey Moo
Mikayla Renee
Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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